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At the Law Office of Pamela M. Gordon P.A., we understand that legal issues surrounding the end of a marriage or loss of a loved one are stressful and challenging. With that in mind, we focus on protecting our clients’ rights and interests while minimizing the financial and emotional impact that normally accompanies the legal process.


Firm founder Pamela M. Gordon and her team possess an unwavering commitment to vigorous advocacy while maintaining high standards of professionalism.

Pursuing The Best Resolution On Your Behalf

Attorney Pamela M. Gordon is a skilled and experienced trial lawyer who also recognizes the value of finding compromise outside of the courtroom. At the Law Office of Pamela M. Gordon P.A., we offer a full range of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services. In addition, Pamela M. Gordon is a family law mediator and a collaboratively trained lawyer.


Often, the practice of family law and estate planning intersect. The growing trend of “gray divorces” among older couples requires a lawyer experienced in both practice areas. Significant assets, Social Security benefits and retirement accounts play major roles in property division for marital dissolutions later in life.

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