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Hands-On, Customized Legal Help For Appeals

At the Law Office of Pamela M. Gordon P.A., we provide personalized representation and customized strategies in the handling of family law appeals. At this firm, we address negative rulings on pretrial and post-trial matters in Florida appellate courts.

A Detail-Driven Approach In Pursuing Complex Family Law Appeals

At the Law Office of Pamela M. Gordon P.A., our founder possesses extensive and contemporary knowledge of ever-changing family laws. With that insight, she reviews final judgments and family law court transcripts word for word.

Her skills, experience and unending passion for in-depth research are what separate her from other attorneys. Once she uncovers an error that occurred during the initial divorce proceeding, she employs all of her resources to correct the mistake by pursuing an appeal.

The appellate process is complicated and takes time. Throughout the process, Pamela M. Gordon will remain at your side, staying in touch with you and providing updates as they become available.

A Skilled Attorney At Your Side Throughout The Appellate Process

Even if our firm did not handle the initial divorce, we will still take on a family law appeal. In fact, peer lawyers come to us to handle their appellate cases. Contact the Law Office of Pamela M. Gordon P.A. in Hollywood, Florida. Call 954-416-2535. You can also reach us through our online intake form.