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Relocation of a child is an emotionally charged and legally complex process. However, it is also a necessary step when a divorced parent with custody has a valid reason to move away from the other. As with any legal matter that involves the well-being of children, our focus is on their best interests.

At the , we represent South Florida residents pursuing or disputing a relocation. On their behalf, we provide dedicated and diligent advocacy as they face life-changing events.

A Family Lawyer Who Ensures That Things Are Done Right The First Time

Relocation first requires a valid reason behind it. Essentially, the new location must be equal to or better than the place the parent is leaving. At the , we attend to every detail in securing the necessary documentation, including letters of employment, addresses of new homes, and the post-move, personal support system the children will have.

At the Law office of Pamela M. Gordon P.A., we combine comprehensive experience in these matters with contemporary knowledge of the statutes governing relocation of a child. Securing modified parenting plans and financial accommodations short of a judge’s ruling is preferred. Yet, regardless of how a decision is reached, we will pursue the best possible outcome.

Having legal representation is paramount to avoid common mistakes, specifically relocating without filing a request to the courts or leaving without notifying the other parent. Those types of oversights can create not only personal chaos, but also serious legal repercussions that affect child custody and visitation rights.

Be Proactive In Pursuing Child Relocation

Relocation does not travel on a fast track. With the length of time the process takes, proactive steps are necessary for those pursuing relocation. Simply put, parents should not wait until the last minute. Schedule an initial consultation at our Hollywood-based law office by calling the at 954-416-2535 or sending us an email.

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