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How Can Mediation Help You Resolve Your Divorce?

Florida family courts require everyone with a contested divorce to go through the mediation process before their final hearing. During mediation, you meet with a neutral person who tries to facilitate an agreement between the two of you. If successful, you can avoid a trial, likely saving yourselves time and money, not to mention many other benefits.

Attorney Pamela M. Gordon is a Florida Supreme Court certified family law mediator with extensive experience helping Florida couples resolve their difference and take back control over the divorce process. She also assists couples with other family law issues such as modifications to time-sharing arrangements or enforcement of final judgments.

The Benefits Of Mediation

Mediation offers many benefits for resolving family law disputes. Some of these include:

  • Saving time and money – If you can create a settlement agreement through mediation, you will spend less time in the courtroom and save yourselves the cost of a trial.
  • Control over the outcome – You know your family better than any judge and know what will work best for all of you. When you create a settlement agreement together, you control the outcome. For the most part, a judge will approve an agreement you and your ex create, as long as it meets certain legal requirements. We will make sure that it does.
  • Privacy considerations – Mediation is private and confidential, whereas some aspects of a courtroom trial are public. In addition, whatever you say during mediation cannot be used against you if you do end up in trial.
  • Easier on your children – A contested divorce can be hard on a child. If you can save your children the conflict and distress of a trial, you make the process that much easier on them, not to mention on yourself. In addition, studies show that time-sharing agreements created by the parents tend to be more successful in the long run.
  • Preserving relationships – For many people going through a divorce, they may have some hard feelings against their ex. That does not mean, however, that they want to give up any positive relationship with them, especially if they will be co-parenting together.

Mediation gives you the opportunity to work through your legal issues in a civilized manner with the help of a trained professional to facilitate the discussion. Many people leave mediation feeling empowered and prepared to move forward.

Have You Considered The Collaborative Law Process?

Some couples would prefer to avoid conflict altogether. If you and your ex are looking for a more amicable solution, a collaborative divorce might be right for you. Collaborative law goes a step beyond mediation and requires a commitment by both sides to negotiate their differences outside of the court process with the help of their lawyers.

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