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Understanding The Role Of The Collaborative Divorce Process

For many couples facing divorce, the idea of going to court to end their marriage is both frightening and overwhelming. The good news is that many couples can resolve their issues without involving a judge. The collaborative divorce process is one of the ways couples can split without turning their divorce into a battle for themselves and their children.

Pamela M. Gordon is an experienced collaborative divorce lawyer in South Florida. Collaborative law attorneys require special training in creating an atmosphere that encourages working together to achieve an outcome that will benefit everyone involved. Each spouse hires their own collaborative law attorney, and everyone works together toward the common goal of an amicable divorce. The Law Office of Pamela M. Gordon P.A. can offer you that option.

Cooperation Can Lead To Better Outcomes

Aside from the obvious benefit of avoiding emotional distress for you and your children, the collaborative process offers many other benefits, including:

  • Taking charge of your future When you go through the court system, you are allowing a judge to make important decisions about you, your children and your future. This process allows you and your ex-spouse to create an agreement tailored to your family’s needs.
  • Saving time and money – When you have a common goal of reaching an agreement, and the help of professionals trained to get you there, the process can move much faster and smoother than a traditional divorce. This will save you both time and costs of attorney fees.
  • Increased privacy – When you go to court, much of the information becomes public record. A private settlement agreement keeps much of the information confidential.

At the Law Office of Pamela M. Gordon P.A., our goal is to find the best path forward to reach your goals for yourself and your family under Florida law. We will identify the potential legal issues you need to resolve, such as a parenting plan or property division, and help you create a framework for discussing those issues with the other party. When we see a need for an expert, such as a tax specialist or mental health facilitator, we will bring that person in to help you better understand the situation, rather than argue for one side or another.

Is Collaborative Divorce Right For You?

Although the collaborative process has benefits for many people, it is not the right fit for everyone. Both sides must be able to approach the process with:

  • A sense of trust and open communication
  • A willingness to work together
  • A commitment to honesty and respect for the other person

For these reasons, collaborative law does not work well if the couple cannot be in the same room together without animosity or yelling. It is also not appropriate in cases involving domestic violence, mental illness or substance abuse.

If collaborative law is not the right fit for your situation, you may still be able to avoid the courtroom through negotiation and mediation. In some situations, however, the court is truly the best place to resolve your family law issues. Discuss your divorce with lawyer Pamela M. Gordon to find out what path will work best for you and your family.

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